I consider it a privilege that I get to “tidy, fix, and improve” the part of a person’s body that is seen by everyone, but may cause so much embarrassment, unhappiness and heart ache for some. I know that when a person’s complexion and skin is healthy, it helps build self-confidence and adds to their enjoyment in life.

My ultimate goal is to help people to be happy, healthy and successful – whether through my work in the salon, on my blog, through the opportunities created by becoming part of my team and an entrepreneur, or in some other form of media, I work tirelessly to that end.

I studied in charming Stellenbosch, the world renowned wine region of South Africa, many many moons ago and have been a full time beauty therapist, owner of a salon, lecturer, vice-principal of a training institute, lecturer in beauty therapy for more than 18 years, owner of my own beauty training Academy, and now network marketing leader. I have sooooo much info I would like to share with you, I don’t even know where to start…..

I have always wanted to start a blog or information channel for anyone and everyone who wants to look after their skin, body or just becoming a better version of yourself.

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